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Nadiya Savchenko
is kept in Voronezh jail
and only we can save her.

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so the whole world knows about this injustice.
NADIYA SAVCHENKO is a 33-year-old Ukrainian pilot. She has been serving in the Armed forces of UKRAINE for more than 10 years; she was in Iraq as a peacemaker. She fought as a volunteer in the east of Ukraine in the Aidar Battalion. On June 17, she was kidnapped by militants of the self-proclaimed People`s Republic of LuHAnsk near the town of Schastya, when she went to take her wounded comrades from the battlefield. The negotiations between Ukrainian Government and terrorists that held Nadiya captive failed. On July 8, it became known that Nadiya Savchenko was no longer in Ukraine, but in the territory of Russia, in one of the detention facilities of Voronezh. Savchenko, the Ukrainian officer who was arrested by order of the Novousmansky District Court of the Voronezh Region, has been already formally charged with “aiding in the killing of two and more persons.”
Nadiya Savchenko is a Ukrainian hero
who must be saved
In early 2000s, Zhytomyr airmobile brigade, contracted battalion. As part of this battalion, in 2004-2005, she was involved in the peacekeeping mission in Iraq; she was a private
In 2010, she graduated from the Air Force University of Kharkiv
Since 2010, she has been serving in the separate Army Aviation regiment, city of Brody, Lviv Region
When military operations started, she enrolled as a volunteer to fight in the Aidar Battalion
Now, she is a prisoner of Russian occupants
Russia’s authorities insist that Nadiya Savchenko was detained in the territory of the Russian Federation, where she entered as a refugee. The official Kyiv believes that this is kidnapping. Only by joining our efforts we can get her out of captivity.
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